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Date: Tuesday June 16th 6:30pm

Topic: Hyped for Hyperfit just spent the last year moving their commerce platform to a RESTful architecture, centered around the new Commerce Hyper API that drives the Mobile Native App experiences. A few interesting artifacts were created during this endeavor, some which will be open sourced in the coming months. One of these, Hyperfit, is library for consuming the resources & hypermedia controls of RESTful Applications & Hypermedia APIs inspired by Retrofit. The session will consist of two parts:
  • An overview on RESTful Application Architecture
  • Some coding with Hyperfit to consume & navigate a selection of Hypermedia APIs

Speaker: Chris DaMour Chris has been with for over a year as lead architect on the Commerce Hypermedia API. @drdamour /

1233 NW 12th Ave.
Portland, 97209

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